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15 Oct Sick Mickey

To laugh at yourself is to love yourself.               -Mickey Mouse

To laugh at yourself is to love yourself.
-Mickey Mouse

In my entire life, I have only made 3 mistakes. The first one was deciding to wear a bandana throughout all three years of middle school (see picture below) and the second was eating an entire cheesecake in one day (never again). The third mistake was The Great Mickey and Minnie Cake Pop Debacle of 2014. Whereas I might be exaggerating about the number mistakes that I’ve made (it’s actually four… I’ve made four mistakes), I am most definitely not exaggerating when I say that my attempt at Mickey and Minnie cake pops was definitely one giant mistake.



Recently, my best buddy Jamie asked if we could have a girls’ night and make some cake pops. I was super stoked and ready to tackle a new project, and after my previous success with the Jack-‘o-lantern cake pops I picked out a somewhat ambitious project: Mickey and Minnie cake pops. I had watched this awesome tutorial by Cupcake Addiction and was convinced that Jamie and I could do it, easy peasy.

Boy was I mistaken.

The first step in this fiasco was to gather my supplies:

Since we were making these cake pops for funsies rather than for a serious blog post, I decided to cut a couple of corners and use two boxed cake mixes and two pre-made packs of frosting. I stuck to Duncan and Hines since I find their products to be of high quality. After baking both the yellow and chocolate cakes, I let them sit for a couple of hours to come to room temperature. Then Jamie and I crumbled them by hand and mixed in the frostings (chocolate frosting for the chocolate cake and vanilla frosting for the yellow cake). We only used about 3/4ths of container of frosting.

We balled the dough into cake balls following the same procedure from last weeks cake pops and then stuck them in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes. For Mickey and Minnie’s ears, we split mini Oreos in half and scraped off the creamy centers. Using a knife, we made tiny slits in the cake balls where the ears would fit and then dipped the very edge of the Oreos into melted black candy melts and then inserted the Oreos into the cake. We put all of the Mickeys and Minnies into the fridge to let the candy melt harden and in the meantime we melted down our red and pink candy melts.

So far so good...

So far so good…

Here’s where things got interesting. In the tutorial video, it is said that you should be able to pick up your Mickeys by their ears in order to dip their butts into the red icing. I don’t think that we had added enough shortening to our candy melts because it was the consistency of quick sand. We would drop on Mickeys in and they would slowly get sucked down to the depths of the dipping tray. No amount of tugging Mickey’s ears would save him. Several times, we yanked his ears right off.

Now you think that we might have been discouraged by this. But you’re wrong. We thought “Once we dip the top of his head, he’ll look fantastic!” Was it Einstein that said “insanity is repeating the same thing but expecting different results”? When we dipped the top of his head into the melted black candy melts, we ended up with a chunky, stringy mess. Minnie faired even worse than Mickey. I attempted to use some pre-made white icing to put some polka dots on her but they just ran off instead.

Nailed It 2

Don’t get me wrong, Jamie and I had a great time making them. We basically laughed through the entire ordeal. But we had no idea that we were actually making zombie cake pops rather than cute whimsical ones. Normally I would add this to the “What went wrong?!” page, but essentially the entire post is a lesson in “what-not-to-do”. If you want to see how a real professional does it, please watch the below tutorial and we’ll just pretend like this little incident never happened.