Cookies Within Paw’s Reach


17 Mar Cookies Within Paw’s Reach

Moose is our big goldendoodle puppy. And she loooooves to cause trouble. More than once she has eaten my baked goods. In her life, she has stolen cookies, cheesecakes, brownies, and then chased it all with a little bit of eggnog. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Stupid Becca, just put the food in a higher place!” You see, we have actually caught her ON TOP OF the kitchen table before. Like, all 4 legs standing on top of the kitchen table. There are limited surfaces in our home that are high enough to evade her gaping maw. As a result, sometimes cookies end up on a table but I typically surround them with a cage of wire drying racks. This time, obviously, my system wasn’t enough to discourage her from chowing down on a Millennium Falcon and a couple of Death Stars. From what I can tell, she had used her paws to drag the tray towards the edge of the table and then proceeded to scarf as many cookies down as possible before I caught her red-pawed. Moral of the story is to eat all of your cookies quickly before your dog does. If only the Rebel Alliance had known the Death Star’s true weakness: a hungry puppy.

This problem could have been avoided by stashing the cookies in a room with a closed door or suspending them from the ceiling or something. I dunno. At this point I’ve accepted that this is not the last time that Moose will steal my creations.