Cookie Versus Sprinkle Size


08 Sep Cookie Versus Sprinkle Size

whatwentwrongMy original intent was to use little star-shaped sprinkles to make the shape of Big Dipper and North Star on a field of blue icing (mimicking their state flag). My mom took one look at the cookies and said “I don’t think you’ll have space for that”. I didn’t listen and realized very quickly that I had a problem—these cookies were way too small for that entire shape to fit. So I improvised (ok I actually stole my mom’s idea but at this point I’m too proud to admit it) and I cut up my star sprinkles to make tons of tiny yellow sprinkles to use for the Big Dipper and used a full star for the North Star. The moral of the story? Listen to your mom’s advice the first time around. We just won’t even discuss our disagreement about the orientation of Alaska.